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is anyone familiar with the PV for SPICE by Kagamine Len? well here's the link anyway www.youtube.com/watch
or this one www.youtube.com/watch

anywaysss so does anyone know a manga with a similar story line? it can be yaoi too ;)

please and thank you!
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hello this is very weird considering the fact that i made this account a long time ago but never posted in it so...yea. well anyways i want to talk about my opinion of each member of SUPER JUNIOR(korean singing group).
leeteuk- .......i really dont have anything to say about him hes a good MC
heechul- very funny guy
hankyung- ah yes the chinese dude his korean is better than mine
yesung- not much of a fan of him his singing is OK
kangin- "korean #1 hansome guy", good MC
shindong- i think hes pretty cute and funny i love the charisma and cuteness face :)
sungmin- the cutest thats what i think but i dont really like his hair now
eunhyuk- my favorite member totally love him he can sing dance rap *sigh*
siwon- supposedly the most hansome out of all of them heres what one person said on youtube:
"I think Siwon is striking, the type of guy who at first glance, someone would say "wow, he's hot". that's what I did."
donghae- the cute cheeky kid who you just cant help but love *sigh*
ryeowook- hmm.....i guess hes alright i mean he has the best singing voice out of all of them (even though its very high pitched)
kibum- he needs more singing parts or something
kyuhyun(the last member >.<)- hes back! i think he has a VERY good singing voice its very deep and manly heres what the same person on you tube said about kyuhyun:
"And Kyu's more the type that the more you look at him, the more appealing he becomes." uper juno


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